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Shade Trees
10-20 Feet Tall

Royal Raindrops Crabapple Magenta Blossoms

Crabapple (MALUS JFS-KW5) - 'Royal Raindrops'

The stunning, vibrant pink to red blossoms of 'Royal Raindrops' crabapple emerge in spring followed by masses of deep purple cutleaf foliage that maintains its glossy, rich color throughout the heat of summer. Tiny, yet showy, red-purple fruit appear in late summer and persist into winter adding an element of winter interest as well as food for bird populations. Fall color is a medley of bronze, orange, and purple atop the strong branches and upright growth habit of this very adaptable tree. 'Royal Raindrops' is a top performer in windy climates as the sturdy branches don't become windswept like other crabs experience. This tree is considered one of the best of newer cultivars of crabapples and boasts an impressive disease resistance package as well as heat and drought tolerance

Klehms Improved Bechtel Malus Crabapple Tree pink flowers no fruit

Crabapple (MALUS KLEHM'S IMPROVED BECHTEL) - 'Klehm's Improved Becthel'

The stunning, fragrant, large double pink flowers of 'Klehm's Improved Bechtel' bloom later than most crabs making this tree an outstanding specimen for continued spring season interest. It's vase-shaped form complements bushes in mass planting and it produces little or no fruit. The medium green foliage adorning the rounded shape of 'Klehm's' turns to a lovely orange and orange-red color in fall. Furthermore, this crab is excellent resistance to mildew.

Prairiefire Crabapple Malus Prairiefire Fuschia flowers purple fruit

Crabapple (MALUS PRAIRIEFIRE) - 'Prairiefire'

This highly regarded accent tree is smothered in a blanket of rich fuschia flowers in mid spring which emerge from red flower buds before the leaves come on. The show of floral beauty is further enhanced by the glossy dark red leaves that follow and beautiful, smooth burgundy bark of ‘Prairiefire’. Leaves then transition to a dark green with reddish tinge as spring fades into summer and small purple fruit forms and persists into late fall on this upright, ornamental tree. Fall changes the leaves into lovely shades of yellow-orange. 'Prairiefire' is also noted for excellent resistance to scab and other disease.

Starlite Crabapple Tree Malus white flowers

Crabapple (MALUS STARLITE) - ‘Starlite'

Covered in glorious clusters of fragrant white flowers along its branches in mid-spring, 'Starlite' Flowering Crabapple has a significant presence in the landscape. Its blooms emerge from distinctive red flower buds before the dark green, glossy leaves fill in. With vibrant yellow fall color and showy red pomes carried in abundance from early to late fall and persist into winter, this is at least a three season interest tree!

Thunderchild Crabapple tree Malus Thunderchild purple leaves deep pink flowers tiny fruit

Crabapple (MALUS THUNDERCHILD) - ‘Thunderchild’

Deep purple leaves emerge on 'Thunderchild' Crabapple after rose colored buds have formed and begin opening to large, dark-pink, single blossoms in mid-spring. These stunning blooms are then followed by tiny (1 cm), ruby-red fruits in abundance that attract birds. Highly disease resistant and extremely hardy, this compact, upright deciduous tree continues to dazzle as its deep purple leaves turn a stunning dark red in the fall.

Crabapple (Malus Gladiator) 'Gladiator'

Gladiator™ Crabapple is an excellent ornamental tree for compact spaces or other size restrictions such as power lines. It's narrowly upright and columnar growth habit is adorned with a profusion of stunning, bright pink flowers in mid-spring followed by small reddish-purple fruit. Dark and glossy bronze-purple leaves remain lush all season long and are highly disease resistant. The pointy leaves transition to yellow as the autumn months set in and the showy purple pomes persist into late fall.

Japanese Lilac Tree Ivory Pillar Syringa Reticulata white flowers

Lilac Tree, Japanese (SYRINGA RETICULATA) - 'Ivory Pillar'

Early summer finds 'Ivory Pillar' adorned by sweetly fragrant, frothy clusters of creamy white flowers. This Japanese Tree Lilac cultivar reaches for the sky with it's narrow form and dark green, pointy foliar growth that complements the upward extending spikes of blooms. In contrast to the bright countenance of this tree is the intriguing steel-gray bark covering its trunk. 'Ivory Pillar' is an ideal choice for small residential landscapes or mass plantings. Pair with one or two finer or coarser textured trees for real visual appeal. No significant fall color.

Flame Amur Maple tree Acer Ginnala red fall color

Maple, Amur (ACER GINNALA) - 'Flame'

Reliable blazing red fall color and bright red samaras in summer make ‘Flame’ a standout specimen in a landscape of any size. This shapely, small, adaptle and extremely hardy tree is perfect for smaller areas as an accent tree, hedge, or in mass plantings. The abundant, showy scarlet samaras form in late summer to contrast against it's dark green foliage. The dense, lobed leaves cast wonderful shade during the summer months, then turn an incredible shade of scarlet in the fall. 'Flame' Amur maple is often multi-stemmed with a rounded crown, but can also be found single trunked; both can be successfully tailored to specific landscape requirements by pruning.

Gar Ann Hot Wings Tatarian Maple tree Acer Tataricum red samaras yellow flowers

Maple, Tatarian (ACER TATARICUM) - 'Hot Wings'

An excellent choice for dry, alkaline conditions, ‘Gar Ann’ comes both as a small, single trunked tree or in a multi-trunked clump. Little yellow flowers in spring are followed by brilliant red samaras which earn 'Gar Ann' the title of 'Hot Wings'. From a distance, these samaras look like bright red blossoms in mid-summer. In fall, the attractive green foliage transitions anywhere from yellow to red shades. Ideal for home landscapes where a smaller tree is desired.

Princess Kay Flowering Ornamental Plum tree double white flowers

Ornamental Plum (PRUNUS NIGRA PRINCESS KAY) - 'Princess Kay'

This cold hardy ornamental plum puts on quite a spring show with a multitude of double white blooms and smooth, dark brown bark! ‘Princess Kay’ is a fast growing compact tree with a neat, oval-shaped crown and attractive foliage. The delight doesn't end there - in the fall, leaves turn a spectacular red and when they drop, the gorgeous bark is exposed throughout winter months. Even better still, this is a sterile variety that won't set any fruit! 'Princess Kay' is a quality flowering plum and an excellent, hardy choice for colder areas.

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