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Apple Trees

Apple - 'Goodland' Apple Tree

Goodland' is a sweet, early apple, ready to harvest in late summer to early fall. It's large, light green/blush red fruit has a mild, aromatic flavor and is typically used for fresh eating, cooking, and applesauce. The clusters of lightly-scented white flowers with shell pink overtones emerge in spring with beautiful green foliage that turns yellow in the fall making this small tree an excellent ornamental choice as well.

Apple - 'Haralred' Apple Tree

Haralred' apples are redder and earlier than it's predecessor, 'Haralson', without compromising it's virtues. A hardy, firm, tart apple excellent for making pies, but not well suited to applesauce. A choice variety as an edible or landscape tree in northern climates.

Apple - 'Honeycrisp' Apple Tree

Explosively crisp and juicy, 'Honeycrisp' is a popular and beloved cultivar grown around the world! This sweet-tart apple stores extremely well (7 months in refrigerated conditions) and provides a mid-season harvest that ripens evenly and holds well.

Apple - 'Honeygold' Semi-Dwarf Apple Tree

Similar taste to 'Golden Delicious' but with a hint of honey, the 'Honeygold' apple is juicy and delightful for fresh-eating, salads, and cooking. A cold-hardy tree excellent in northern climates that bears pinkish-white blooms in spring that mature to medium to large size fruit in summer.

Apple - 'Red Wealthy' Apple Tree

Heirloom apple with a juicy, sweet-tart flavor laced with notes of honey and raspberry perfect for fresh eating or cooking. It's soft yellow-green skin turns to a pink-red blush that radiates up the fruit from the bottom making it a beautiful apple as well. Super cold hardy tree that produces an abundance of fragrant pink/white blooms in spring and holds them for a greater than average period of time making this tree an excellent pollinator. An early season picker, the 'Red Wealthy' apple is the perfect choice for an ornamental centerpiece in a garden or edible landscape.

Apple - 'SnowSweet' Apple Tree

Thriving in cold northern climates, 'SnowSweet' is a hardy plant that produces an abundance of delicious fruit. As a fairly new cultivar, it's mild sweet-tart, buttery flavor with rich overtones is gaining popularity for this tree. The snowy white flesh of the fruit is also ideal because it is very slow to oxidize and turn brown after cutting making it a favorite on the dinner table both fresh and as applesauce. The tree's unique open, drooping arrangement with modestly vigorous growth makes the 'SnowSweet' apple tree an appealing piece of interest in the home garden or landscape.

Apple - 'Sweet Sixteen' Apple Tree

Exotic yellow flesh with a crisp and juicy, sweet, spicy cherry candy flavor make 'Sweet Sixteen' an apple not to be forgotten. With a storage life between 5 and 8 weeks and a harvest of mid-late September, the fruit can be enjoyed well into late autumn months and cold weather. Best as a fresh eating apple, applesauce or baked desserts that don't require visual appeal as it doesn't hold it's shape under heat. The advantage to it's very sweet flavor, is that 'Sweet Sixteen' delivers enough sweetness that favorite recipes don't require as much sugar as needed with other apple varieties.
The tree is very vigorous and it's white blossoms are very fragrant in spring and last a long time on the branch before fruiting adding to ornamental appeal.

Apple - 'Zestar' Apple Tree

Superior cold hardiness combined with large, crunchy, juicy red fruit with a sprightly sweet-tart flavor makes 'Zestar' a must have for northern gardeners. It is an excellent choice for both fresh eating and cooking and would be a beloved treat in a lunchbox or apple pie. It will store for 6 to 8 weeks while still maintaining crunch and flavor. The tree is vigorous, upright and ripens late August to early September. An early season apple that surpasses other varieties with a crisp, juicy texture, and an exciting zesty flavor with a hint of brown sugar!

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