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Shade Trees
21-30 Feet Tall

Canada Red Chokecherry Tree

Chokecherry (PRUNUS VIRGINIANA CANADA RED) -'Canada Red'

Perfect Purple Crabapple Tree

Crabapple (MALUS 'PERFECT PURPLE') - 'Perfect Purple'

‘Perfect Purple’ crabapple was developed by Ernie Copp in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. It has glossy, deep purple foliage that follows gorgeous deep-pink blossoms in spring. Summertime finds 'Perfect Purple' adorned by 1/2" purple-red fruit that persists on the tree for birds to eat. Uniform, consistent, somewhat upright growth habit and branching. Purple foliage maintains its color through fall. This very cold hardy crab has performed well in the North and Intermountain regions. Demonstrates good resistance to scab.

Copper Curls Lilac Tree Interesting bark

Lilac Tree (SYRINGA PEKINENSIS) - 'Copper Curls'

Ivory Silk Lilac Tree

Lilac Tree (SYRINGA RETICULATA) - 'Ivory Silk'

Oakleaf Mountain Ash Tree

Mountain Ash (SORBUS HYBRIDA) - 'Oak Leaf Mountain Ash'

Kindred Spirit Oak Tree

Oak (QUERCES X WAREI) - 'Kindred Spirit'

Mountain Frost Pear Tree Ornamental Pear Tree

Ornamental Pear (PYRUS USSURIENSIS BAILFROST) - 'Mountain Frost Pear'

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