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Shade Trees
21-30 Feet Tall

Canada Red Chokecherry Tree

Chokecherry (PRUNUS VIRGINIANA CANADA RED) -'Canada Red'

Prunus virginiana ‘Canada Red’ is magnificent with it's oval to rounded crown, straight trunk and showy white blooms in the spring. Leaves emerge green in the spring, but around 90% of the foliage has turned a lovely dark purple hue by June. Many selections of purple foliaged chokecherries have circulated within the nursery trade, but this selection from Bailey Nurseries seems to be superior because of its central leader, its upright growth habit, its lighter fruit set and better purple color retention in late summer. This tough, but beautiful, ornamental chokecherry is the perfect choice for difficult spots.

Perfect Purple Crabapple Tree

Crabapple (MALUS 'PERFECT PURPLE') - 'Perfect Purple'

‘Perfect Purple’ crabapple was developed by Ernie Copp in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. It has glossy, deep purple foliage that follows gorgeous deep-pink blossoms in spring. Summertime finds 'Perfect Purple' adorned by 1/2" purple-red fruit that persists on the tree for birds to eat. Uniform, consistent, somewhat upright growth habit and branching. Purple foliage maintains its color through fall. This very cold hardy crab has performed well in the North and Intermountain regions. Demonstrates good resistance to scab.

Copper Curls Lilac Tree Interesting bark

Lilac Tree (SYRINGA PEKINENSIS) - 'Copper Curls'

'Copper Curls' Pekin Lilac is a new introduction of a species that features showy, airy plumes of fragrant creamy white flowers rising above the foliage from late spring to early summer. It has dark green deciduous foliage whose pointy leaves do not develop any appreciable fall color. The real show-stopper of 'Copper Curls' is the peeling coppery-bronze bark of the trunk that is beautiful year round but really steals the show in winter against the backdrop of snow. Furthermore, 'Copper Curls' is not particularly attractive to deer who tend to leave it alone in favor of tastier treats.

Ivory Silk Lilac Tree

Lilac Tree (SYRINGA RETICULATA) - 'Ivory Silk'

‘Ivory Silk’ Lilac carries huge clusters of heavy, creamy white blossoms in early summer. Although a Lilac, this member of the species is quite different in appearance than those with which gardeners are more familiar. Its upright habit is more consistent and flowers more generously than other varieties in this species. It has an oval or pyramidal form when young but spreads to a rounded shape as it grows older. The fragrance from 'Ivory Silk' is more suggestive of a Privet than a traditional Lilac.

Oakleaf Mountain Ash Tree

Mountain Ash (SORBUS HYBRIDA) - 'Oak Leaf Mountain Ash'

Sorbus hybrida 'Oak Leaf Mountain Ash' boasts excellent resistance to fireblight and beautiful, unique features. It's dark green, oak-shaped leaves adorning it's upright growth habit are large and glossy, with a silvery underside. Showy clusters of white flowers emerge atop the branches in mid spring followed by round, orange berries that highlight the tree's appearance and turn a glossy dark red color in fall. Leaves turn shades of yellow in the fall hanging against the smooth gray bark adding an interesting dimension to the landscape.

Kindred Spirit Oak Tree

Oak (QUERCES X WAREI) - 'Kindred Spirit'

Kindred Spirit® Oak is a hybrid of a Swamp Oak (Q. bicolor) and the Columnar English Oak (Q. robur 'Fastigiata'). It has a columnar growth habit and it was bred to be powdery mildew resistant. Even though it is a hybrid it still produces acorns that provide a food source for small mammals. Once established it is drought tolerant and it does tolerate clay soils and salt well. Fast growing and very narrow, this tree sports glossy, dark green large-lobed leaves that turn an outstanding red in the fall. It has strong branches stemming from a strong central leader and is also resistant to drought.

Mountain Frost Pear Tree Ornamental Pear Tree

Ornamental Pear (PYRUS USSURIENSIS BAILFROST) - 'Mountain Frost Pear'

A hardy, flowering ornamental pear, Pyrus ussuriensis ‘Bailfrost’ MOUNTAIN FROST® PEAR has a nice, vigorous, upright oval growth habit. Profuse white flowers in spring, sparse fruit production, glossy-dark green foliage, and good burgundy fall color make this an outstanding and hardy ornamental tree. A Bailey Nurseries introduction.

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