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Evergreen Trees

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Juniper trees have unique 'needle-leaves' that separate their appearance both from Spruces and Pines. 'Spartan' Juniper has dense branches, a handsome pyramidal shape, and rich green foliage that keeps it's color year round. It is an excellent choice for a windbreak or screen. This hardy, low-maintenance, versatile tree creates a dense, lush privacy screen in groups or can be planted alone as a specimen tree. 'Spartan' has a handsome shape, but can also be clipped into a stunning spiral topiary and it's size is perfect for compact yards or small spaces. Junipers can thrive in harsh climate conditions and survive both drought and cold.

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'Moonglow' is a very columnar tree with upright, bright, bluish green, needle-like foliage. Many landscapers enjoy it as an accent, combination, or screen planting thanks to it's neat and tidy upright growth. It has slightly blue cast, scale-like needles and the foliage serves as a pleasing contrast to other garden colors. It's branches ascend vertically contributing to the trees overall pyramidal shape. The bark of a 'Moonglow' Juniper is typically reddish brown, but can turn gray over time and exfoliates into thin strips which gives it somewhat of a shredded appearance. It is an easy specimen to grow.


Deep, glossy, rich green needles densely spaced and curved against the branches make 'Oregon Green' an outstanding specimen. It's unique, open form adds strength to the landscape while also creating a sense of home with it's fine-textured needles and distinctive pyramidal shape. Bright white clusters of 'candles' of new growth that emerge in the spring stand out against the attractive green needles. This small to medium sized evergreen tree can be used as a stand alone specimen, privacy screen, windbreak, or to add to a wooded area. It is loved by a variety of birds that nest in its dense branches.

Pine, Mountain (PINUS MUGO) - 'COLUMNARIS'

The form of this mugo pine has a distinct, very narrow, upright, pyramidal shape that is different from the more traditional rounded mugo. This shape allows it to provide a nice pop of height to the landscape; although, it is a dwarf tree and so it will not overwhelm your space. This super hardy cultivar is perfect for tight landscape spaces where a strong vertical accent is appropriate. Additionally, the long, dark green needles of 'Columnaris' combined with red-orange bark and conspicuously white, waxy buds creates a specimen that adds a unique touch. Our favorite trait of 'Columnaris', though, is that it reliably produces adorable, small ornamental cones that catch the eye and add even more personality to this already inviting tree.

Pine, Mountain (PINUS MUGO) - 'TANNENBAUM'

The perfect Christmas-tree shaped evergreen with the toughness of mugo pine! 'Tannenbaum' is an upright mugo, with a broad base and pyramidal shape creating the traditional look we all love during the holiday season. The deep green needles carry a hint of gray/blue and hold their color even during winter months. This highly adaptable, hardy tree is believed to be the first single-stem tree form of Mugo Pine to be commercially produced and distributed. It was selected from hundreds of seedlings in the trial beds of McCrory Gardens at South Dakota State University and the original plant reached 10 to 11′ tall and 6′ wide after 25 years.

Spruce, Colorado Blue (PICEA PUNGENS) - 'BAKERI'

This large, broadly conical selection of Colorado Blue Spruce has a nice pyramidal shape and beautiful silvery-blue needles. 'Bakeri' has long, stiff, dense foliage making it an excellent choice in the landscape. Furthermore, it is drought tolerant and adaptable to different soil conditions making it perfect for xeriscaping applications or traditional landscapes in dry climates.

Spruce, Colorado Blue (PICEA PUNGENS) - 'FASTIGIATA'

A popular cultivar of the Colorado Blue Spruce due to it's columnar nature and tidy, tight habit, 'Fastigiata' is a narrow, upright tree with stiff bright blue needles. It adds vertical interest to the landscape and incredible blue color making this narrow selection the ideal accent or focal point where space is a consideration. Although it will broaden at the base with age, it will maintain it's tight, upright form that can also be sheared if needed. Since it will not grow as tall as the species, nor as wide, it is the perfect choice for planting in a smaller area.

Spruce, Colorado Blue (PICEA PUNGENS) - 'FAT ALBERT'

This evergreen is a Simply Sunshine favorite due to it's tough, stout stature and it's ability to be content with very little care. 'Fat Albert' It is noted for its near perfect conical shape with a strong, straight central leader and full, pyramidal form from the time it is young through maturity. It's dense ascending branches and steel blue needle color adorned with light brown cones make this everything an evergreen should be. It can be used as a windbreak, screen, or accent tree. Because it is typically found in elevations from 6,000 feet to 11,000 feet, it is an excellent high elevation selection. Additionally, it prefers cool climates and will struggle in heat and humidity of southern states making it the perfect choice for northern plantings. Once established, 'Fat Albert' has some drought tolerance, however, the soil should be kept consistently moist in the early years. Requires no staking or training to achieve it's stature and is considered a "perfect and predictable Colorado Blue Spruce". (Iseli Nursery)

Spruce, Colorado Blue (PICEA PUNGENS) - 'HOOPSII'

This stately variety of Colorado Blue Spruce is not only extraordinary and eye-catching, but robust and strong. It is considered to be the bluest of all the Colorado Blue Spruce cultivars with its long, thick, silvery blue needles on spreading branches. In addition to it's rich, attractive foliage, it produces large magenta cones in spring. It has gained a reputation as an exceptional specimen tree and grows with a full, pyramidal form. Not one to be passed over, 'Hoopsii' definitely demands a space in the landscape.

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Spruce, Norway (PICEA ABIES) - 'PAULS SELECT' Norway Spruce

Unique blue color that makes this pyramidal cultivar a standout in the garden and landscape. 'Paul's Select' is suitable as a stand alone or specimen plant due to it's brilliant blue color. Useful as windbreak tree and good alternative to Colorado Blue Spruce selections where disease pressure is an issue from overplanting. Moderate growth rate, performs well under dry conditions.

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